Yes, I’m serious, and don’t call me Shirley.

My kids are voracious readers. Although I have a full timeĀ  job, I need to find time to pre-read books for them – and I usually do. In the past, when I’ve found a really good one or bad one, I’ve passed on the recommendation to my friends. Occasionally I’ve had to pull an about face – gifting a book I later had to call back because it didn’t turn out on page 85 to be as okay as it did in the first few chapters – not because it was a very bad book, but because it touched on a theme that the intended reader was particularly sensitive to.

So this site formalizes all that – if you want find (or avoid) books that deal with divorce, young death, death of a parent or sibling, cancer, pet, house fires, and more, that’s the site I envision.

I’m always open to suggestions!